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George Ma
March 11 09:08

Norway will be the first to fully switch to electric planes on domestic flights

Norway announced its intention to become such a country, which by 2040 plans to convert all domestic flights to an environmentally friendly type of transport.
It is important to note that no other country has announced such serious intentions to switch to aircraft that use electricity as "fuel" before Norway. As for the Scandinavian State itself, the report of the operator of Norway's Avinor Airport and the country's Civil Aviation Authority, among other things, referred to the possibility of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by switching to electric planes.
"Our flight often lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. That's why we decided to develop a programme under which electric aircraft manufacturers could compete for the right to participate in a couple of years from now," said Doug Falk-Petersen, Director of Avinor Airport Operations.