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John Wang
March 10 21:05

Cross-posting: Instagram and Facebook are testing new function

More integration in social media ecosystem.
Facebook is further developing its integration with Instagram. The users can choose to automatically cross-post stories on both platforms.
At the moment, the feature is being tested, yet it has already been discovered by code investigator Jane Manchun Wong. When publishing a Facebook story, users can select the privacy settings and choose to post the same content to Instagram.  The same feature already exists in Instagram, so now the content can be shared quickly. This is supposed to save social media managers and regular users time and effort.
Cross-posting is one of the latest updates, that are driving two platforms closer together. Ever since Instagram’s founders have left the company in 2018, Facebook has been further integrating its biggest acquisition. Instagram now has new launch screen with “From Facebook” mark and a direct Open Facebook link.
The Facebook ecosystem is growing. Stories and WhatsApp Status have amassed over 500 million daily active users. However, its position is being threatened by new contenders, such as TikTok.