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George Ma
March 9 13:38

AnTuTu app deleted from Google Play Store

Most likely the reason for the disappearance was the actions of the company that owns the app.
AnTuTu, the popular smartphone test application, has disappeared from Google Play. 

With AnTuTu, you can see the performance of your devices. Gizchina writes that apps related to AnTuTu disappeared from the Google Play Store in February. This is probably due to repeated violations of the site policy by Cheetah Mobile, the owner of the applications. There is no mention of AnTuTu on the company's website, but journalists claim that both projects are managed by the same person. In addition, there is a link to Cheetah Mobile on one of the AnTuTu archive pages in the app store.
Cheetah Mobile has previously been accused of fraud and violating its privacy policy. So it's no surprise that the company's apps have been removed from the Google Marketplace.