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George Ma
March 9 10:20

"Smart" insoles by Adidas and Google will be presented on March 10

With its help athletes will be able to track training performance.
Adidas, together with Google, has created smart insoles. The product will be presented on March 10.

The insoles have a built-in Google Jacquard sensor, which is able to track ball hits, running speed, time of possession of the ball on the football field. Interestingly, the sensor will be able to transmit data on the skills of the owner of the stacks in FIFA Mobile. Achievements in real-world tasks can improve virtual team performance.
"Smart" insoles have not yet been officially presented. Only a teaser has been published from which you can draw an overall conclusion about the appearance of the product.
It is not yet clear how much the insole will cost. We only know that the kit will include two Adidas insoles, a Jacquard chip and a charging cable.