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George Ma
March 7 11:43

$1000 Robot from Somatic that cleans toilets released

Developers have already received several clients, including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.
Startup Somatic created a robot to clean the toilets. It will be rented out for US$1000 per month.

The developers chose the restroom for the robot for a simple reason: in such rooms, as a rule, items rarely change their location. This means that the robot has to study the room only once.
The development team showed the device where to clean with a VR simulator. The robot can spray cleaners, wipe surfaces, vacuum or dry.
When the cleaning is complete, the unit itself is sent to recharge and replenish the supply of cleaning agents if necessary.
Under rental conditions, the robot will work for about eight hours a day. There is no need to watch its every step: it moves by itself in the elevator and opens the door.