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George Ma
March 7 15:25

Samsung shuts down its plant in Korea for the third time due to coronavirus and decided to move the production out of the country

Korean plant produces Samsung's latest flagship smartphones.
Today, news agency Reuters reported that Samsung for the third time in recent weeks closed the plant in Korea because of coronavirus. As a result, the company decided to partially shift production from the country.
Samsung suspended work at the plant in Kumi after an employee received a positive result in the coronavirus test. It should be noted that this factory manufactures new Samsung flagship smartphones S20 series and folding device Z Flip.
As a result, Samsung announced that it will temporarily shift the production of smartphones in Vietnam. This measure will make it possible to deliver the devices to consumers on time. At a factory in South Korea, work should begin on Saturday. Fully production of smartphones in Samsung's home country will recover after the stabilization of the coronavirus.