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George Ma
March 7 14:00

Experts: smartphone decreases IQ

Scientists have conducted many studies, which have made it clear that even a turned off smartphone negatively affect person's intellect level. publication wrote about this in its article.
Experts from the University of Chicago have managed to prove that the smartphone reduces the cognitive abilities even when it should not have any effect on a person - for example, when it is in a pocket or on the table in the turned off state. Scientists attribute this to the fact that a person continues to think about the gadget, and therefore can not focus on other things. Such thoughts "eat out" a huge amount of "RAM" in the human brain.
In the same experiment, scientists found that the test subjects at least thought about how not to touch their gadgets. This, in turn, greatly prevented them from focusing on specific tasks. The most successful was the group of test subjects that was in a room that did not have their devices around.