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John Wang
March 6 19:31

3M handles masks shortages in US

Outsourcing works again.
The American industrial conglomerate 3M has reported a success in keeping up with the demand on medical masks. The company has managed to provide a steady supply of highly important good in the time of the global pandemic.
According to the company’s statement, this became possible because of the latest changes to the distribution strategy. Instead of mass-producing the masks in the remote large facilities far away from the biggest retailers, 3M has partnered up with local manufacturers. This allowed the company to quickly supply enough masks across the USA, despite the fervent demand.  
The company did not outsource the process completely. 3M still manufactures most of N95 masks, which are considered to be among the most efficient ones and filter out about 95% of external air particles. Local manufacturers picked up the production of details, such as straps, parts of filters and so on. 
The rising demand for medical masks became an issue in many countries touched by the pandemic. Concerned consumers were buying up the supplies in bulk, which resulted in significant shortages. Governments have issued warnings, that hoarding puts the healthcare workers, who need the masks the most, at risk.