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John Wang
March 5 22:24

Former Google engineer ordered to pay US$179 million in compensation

San Francisco has issued a ruling on the case of Anthony Levandowski. Engineer and entrepreneur has been ordered to pay US$179 million to Google.
Levandowski and his colleague Lion Ron have quit their jobs at Google to start their own autonomous cars startup Otto, focused on unmanned trucks. The startup had a successful launch and has been acquired by Uber in 2017. However, according to Google and court’s ruling, both founders has breached his contractual obligations by creating a company, who is in direct competition with Waymo, owned by Alphabet.
Ron has reached settlement for US$9.7 million. Yet Levandowski has disputed the initial ruling and continued the litigation. Now the engineer has officially filed for bankruptcy, since his personal finances are not enough to cover the fine. Whether Uber will cover a part of settlement is currently unknown.