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John Wang
March 4 19:09

Singapore goes for all green waterworks

Enough green power four thousands of flats.
Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore has announced, that by 2021 the country will be using only green waterworks energy. This is supposed to be possible when the project of solar panel system situated at the Tengeh Reservoir. 
The system is using photovoltaic materials and peaks at 60 megawatt. The energy production is reported to be enough to provide for the demands of all five water treatment facilities in Singapore and the Marina Barrage. Sembcorp Solar has begun working on the construction in February.
The ministry was proud to point out, that the project makes Singapore one of a currently very limited number  of countries whose waterworks are completely green. It is also currently working on boosting the efficiency of various kinds alternative water energy production.
That brings the Pub’s overall solar capacity to around 70MWp. This is enough to fully power around 19 000 households. In the end it is capable of reducing PUB's  total carbon footprint by about 37 000 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to eliminating 8 000 cars.