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John Wang
March 3 21:29

Singapore is launching a career mobility booster

New scheme with stipends and awards for development.
Ministry of Manpower of Singapore has announced a new programme. The scheme will help underqualified workers to develop new skills and find better jobs.
The Workfare Skills Support is a replacement for the previous programme - Workforce Training Support Scheme. Anyone with a monthly income lower than s$2 300 is eligible to enroll. The participants will receive a daily stipend of S$6 and can also win a S$1000 dollar. The award is called Training Commitment Award and is supposed to motivate the participants to train harder.
The Ministry also plans to launch a special Workforce Grant which will receive an official legislation soon. The efforts are aimed at promoting a more caring workforce environment and career mobility for those, who are currently stuck in their professional development and growth.
Among other news, the Ministry is also promoting the medical insurance among the freelancers. It has committed to fully compensating all the contributions of up to S$600 made by self-employed to their Medisave programme accounts.