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Ilya St
October 15 10:40

Lego might rent out constructor sets

Lego is considering an option of leasing to reduce the volume of plastic production
The Financial Times reported a rise in criticism of the world's largest toy company, Lego. Activists criticise company for using too much plastic on in production. The possibility of leasing will allow the company to improve its image and increase profits.
Lego Vice President Tim Brooks stated that the company is "absolutely open" to the idea of renting constructor sets, but this move requires an in-depth analysis. "At the moment we are only beginning to do so," he told the newspaper. 
This is not the only problem that Brooks' company may face. Lego's gaming sets are distinguished by volume of pieces, one set can contain thousand parts that children sometimes loose. In this case, it is necessary to think carefully through the company's policy.
As company face pressure form critics,  Lego has pled that by 2030 it will completely abandon components that are produced with the help of fossil fuels. Already today, some parts are made of plant-based polyethylene.  However, the question of finding alternative components that allow parts to separate and connect is still relevant.