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George Ma
March 3 12:16

Reddit: 99.6% of the posts removed during the year were spam and an attempt to boost rating

In 2019, the number of user materials infringing copyright increased by 500%.
In 2019, Reddit administrators deleted more than 53 million publications from users - 99.6% of them were spam and an attempt to boost a rating. This figure does not include content deleted for copyright infrigement and other violations, according to the company report.
In addition, administrators have banned more than 7 million accounts for trying to artificially boost the rating. For violation of other rules of the site were deleted 55 thousand accounts and 222.3 thousand publications, most of all - for the charashment.
Administrators can also remove entire communities for lack of active moderation. Thus, during the year 21.9 thousand communities were deleted for violation of contact policy and lack of moderation, and 98.9 thousand for spam and subscriber recruitment.
Community moderators deleted more than 84 million user materials, mainly for violating individual community rules set by the moderators themselves.
Reddit users can appeal and challenge the violation of the rules. Thus, in 2019, administrators received 54.1 thousand appeals.
During the year site experienced 500% increase in the number of user materials that violate copyrights, the report says. In 2018, administrators received 9.5 thousand complaints of copyright infringement and removed 26.2 thousand publications, in 2019 - 34.9 thousand complaints and deleted 170.6 publications.