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John Wang
March 2 20:20

Singaporean service for Chinese nationals gets tracktion before its launch

The solution for the workforce troubles gets attention from businesses. 
Last week the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore has announced the launch of a new service, which will allow the service and industry companies to hire Chinese nationals with work permits who are already residing in Singapore. The launch is scheduled on March 2, yet the service has already received a 100 queries from various companies. 
Before the introduction of the scheme, SIngaporean companies could hire Chinese workers with permits only after they leave the country. The rules complicated any relocations and work in general, especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic. New temporary measure is aimed at taking the pressure of businesses and let them avoid the high costs of repatriation process.
The service even includes the matchmaking feature. The companies can send a request to the Singapore Business Federation, specifying the needed set of skills and other characteristics of the employees. They will then receive a list of suitable candidates, that are ready to get hired. 
The process of receiving work permit is also facilitated. After the company makes its choice, the SBF will contact the Ministry, where the documents will be fast-tracked.