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George Ma
March 1 10:36

Largest social network messenger is awaiting a major upgrade

Sources reported that the messenger of the largest social network Facebook is waiting for a major update. So far, just for iOS.
Developers want to simplify the interaction experience for users, focus on "stories" and friends. In addition, the Facebook team intends to abandon its strategy to develop chat bots.
It is reported that the new Messenger will lose the "Discover" section, where you could find chat bots, as well as easy access to different brands and games. These options will not be removed from the Messenger definitively, but will hide them. Games and chat bots will still be available to users: you just need to use the search box or QR codes.
The new Messenger design will have two tabs at the bottom: "People" and "Chats". The last section will show all active chats, and the first will show your friends who are online, as well as their "Storis".
The application has already started to gradually receive an update.