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John Wang
February 28 18:49

US Senate approves the ban on Huawei and ZTE telecom equipment purchasing

The “rip and replace” begins.
The United States Senate has unanimously approved the Secure and Trusted Telecommunications Networks Act. After long discussions and corrections, the new bill means the official ban on purchase of any telecom hardware and equipment from Huawei and ZTE.
The act also launches the “rip and replace” procedure. All of Huawei and ZTE tech that is currently in use in US will be removed from the networks and replaced with equipment from other companies. US$1 billion will help smaller and remote networks to cover the costs and carry out the replacements efficiently. 
Both companies have been acknowledged as threats to the American security. In 2018 the intelligence services have accused Huawei of unlawful data collection and ties to the Chinese government. The company has denied any connections to the politics and is currently shifting resources to other markets and partners.