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John Wang
February 27 18:02

Reddit CEO calls TikTok “parasitic”

The social media conference gets heated.
Lightspeed Venture Partners and Slow Ventures have organised the “Social 2030” conference. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was one of the invited speakers, and he had surprised the audience with unflattering words about one of the biggest social apps - TikTok. 
Huffman has stated, that ByteDance’s product is “essentially parasitic”. His critique was based on the app’s extensive and even somewhat aggressive user data collection technique. Huffman has noted, that besides conventional means of tracking user behavior. TikTok also uses constant sound recording and fingerprinting technology. He called the app “spyware” and dissuades anyone from installing it. 
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman
ByteDance did not yet respond to Huffman’s comments. Reddit CEO is not the only one to show concern about TikTok’s tools. US government has also expressed distrust about the app and even launched its own investigation into TikTok’s security.