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George Ma
February 26 10:54

Uber will pay drivers in three U.S. cities to put banner ads on their cars.

Taxi service has partnered with the advertising company Adomni.
Uber entered into a deal to place advertising displays on cars with Adomni, a company that develops technologies for outdoor advertising. For this purpose, a taxi service will open a new division Uber OOH Powered by Adomni, Adweek reports with reference to Adomni.
The advertisement will appear on Uber cars in Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta from April 1, 2020. It is planned to place displays on about a thousand cars. According to the Uber representative, in April the company plans to expand its pilot program to other cities.
The displays will analyze the location and time and show advertisements aimed at a specific audience. All displays will be synchronized with each other, the company explained.