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George Ma
February 24 12:20

Twitter is testing public moderation of fake news entries

Twitter is exploring the possibility of involving its own users in the verification of information for reliability, reports NBC News with reference to company's presentation. 
The developers describe the system of "Community Notes" as similar to the discussions on Wikipedia. Users can add comments, additional information and important context to tweets. If community decides that the information on the tweet is inaccurate or misleading, an orange or red dot will appear.  

The presentation, intended for internal use, was posted with open access, says NBC News. Twitter users will be able to earn points for participation in the notes, the number of points determines the "weight" of additional information in the discussion. Active members will be able to get a "community icon" similar to the verification sign next to the username.
The presentation provides real examples of inaccurate information from Twitter. These include a statement by U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about the scale of arms sales without verification of buyers, a link to an article from the ultra-right news site The Federalist and a fake news story about the coronavirus. A Twitter spokesman told NBC News that he was considering various ways to combat misinformation, and "Notes from the community" is just one of the suggestions from the developers.