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George Ma
February 24 14:21

Water producer Liquid Death attracted $9 million

Startup relies on aggressive marketing.
American water producer Liquid Death has received US$9 million in funding under Round A, writes TechCrunch.
The main investor was Velvet Sea Ventures, Thrive Market retailer Nick Green, co-founder of Away travel service Jennifer Rubio and Toms shoe manufacturer Blake Mikoski and others.
According to TechCrunch, the startup has attracted US$11.25 million, while the Crunchbase believes it's US$19.6 million.
According to Crunchbase, the company was founded in 2017 and sells water from Austrian Alps. Its founders are John-Ryan Riggins and Mike Sessario. Prior to founding the startup, Sessario worked as creative director of the advertising agency Doner, which cooperated with Apple and Netflix, indicated in the Cessario profile at LinkedIn.
Liquid Death is ordinary or carbonated mountain water in an aluminum can with the image of the skull and the inscription "murder your thirst". The package of 12 cans costs US$18.99.
The company has a "mocking" attitude to marketing and aggressive design in the style of "heavy metal". The new advertising campaign Liquid Death is "keep the beauty of the underworld" urges customers to save hell from plastic bottles, says the publication.
Sessario's goal was to create a "healthy" brand that would be "as exciting, if not more exciting, than energy drinks, sodas, alcohol and sweets," the businessman told TechCrunch.
"When you’re launching a new brand, if you don’t have millions and millions of dollars to push it out there with [advertising], your only chance of survival is the product itself has to be insanely shareable," said the co-founder of Liquid Death.
One of the proofs of the brand's popularity is that there are at least 20 random customers who get tattoos in the Liquid Death style, Sessario said. But Liquid Death is not only about loud marketing, but also about sustainability, the businessman stresses.
The company focuses on the fact that aluminum cans made with 70% recycled material. The startup transfers 5 cents from each can sold to non-profit organizations, such as 5 Gyres, which is fighting to reduce plastic waste, and Thirst Project, which is trying to provide clean water to people around the world.
The startup gets most of its orders through Amazon, but the company also aims to sell offline, TechCrunch notes. In March 2020, Liquid Death will start selling at the American supermarket chain Whole Foods.