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George Ma
February 23 12:00

Google has been accused of spying on school students

Attorney General of the American State of New Mexico has accused Google of surveillance on schoolchildren. He thinks the company was illegally collecting data from the kids and is suing it.
The prosecutor claims that Google was collecting data on what sites school students visit, what passwords they use and what videos they watch. In addition, the company allegedly knew the school's contact lists and other information. The data was collected on Google's Chromebook laptops and through the G Suite cloud services, which are offered free of charge to more than 60 percent of New Mexico's students.
Google itself denies the charges. The prosecutor, however, insists that the company has not obtained the consent of parents of children under the age of 13 for the right of collecting information. Students' data was used for commercial purposes, and Google violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.