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George Ma
February 22 13:56

Coronavirus: COVID-19 outbreak suddenly increased the demand for tablets.

But there still aren't enough.
Globally, the tablet market has only recently experienced a downturn. And earlier this year, it was an interesting situation: an outbreak of coronavirus suddenly increased the demand for tablets in China, but because of it manufacturers can not provide sufficient supplies.
The Digitimes resource writes about it. Many office workers and students in China are forced to work remotely because of the epidemic, and tablets become a convenient device for them. E-commerce platforms are now the main way to buy devices, as many offline stores are simply closed. However, the lack of goods and demand for it has led to higher prices for tablets in online stores. For example, iPads, for example, now cost 100-200 yuan more on online platforms than in Apple stores.
Industry sources say the lack of tablets can persist for some time. At the same time, analysts expect a 20% drop in global tablet shipments in the first quarter of 2020.