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George Ma
February 22 09:04

Apple is fighting with its former employee because of his book

Tech giant claims it contains commercial secrets.
The Verge published an article in which, referring to colleagues from Germany, told about Apple's attempts to prohibit the distribution of a new book by a former employee of the company. 
According to information available in the public domain, the apple company began to fight against a book written by a former employee of the corporation, as it contains certain trade secrets, publication of which is unacceptable in the opinion of Apple representatives. In order to solve the problem, the iPhone manufacturer sent a warning letter to the former head of the App Store in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and author of the book App Store Confidential Tom Sadowski says that Apple is demanding him to stop distributing the book.
Tom Sadowski
It is important to understand that Sadowski is not some ordinary employee of the store. He worked at the App Store for five years and quit in December 2019, while, according to him, he has repeatedly met in person with the head of the corporation Tim Cook. And before joining the department working with the App Store, he headed the marketing department at iTunes for five years.