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George Ma
February 21 14:00

Bloomberg and The Information offered readers a $499 annual package subscription

The publications plan to attract a new audience and share the profit from subscription equally.
Bloomberg and The Information websites offered readers a joint annual subscription for US$499. The campaign will last one year, writes Digiday.
The subscription includes access to all paid content of both publications, including The Information application, live broadcasts by Bloomberg TV, podcasts, Bloomberg newsletters and so on.
"Why is this important? Because the package offer is one of the few tricks to get around the psychological barrier of "I already pay for one source". Especially the overcoming of such barriers is important for niche and industry resources", - said media consultant Alexander Amzin in Telegram channel "We and Jo".
A separate subscription to costs US$399 a year for The Information and US$415 for Bloomberg. Readers who have monthly access to The Information can renew their subscription and add Bloomberg to it. In the future, readers with access for a year will also be able to renew their subscription.
Both publications have refused to disclose their audience information. According to the research company Comscore, which cites the publication, in December 2019, The Information site was visited by about 103 thousand unique users, the audience of Bloomberg in the same month exceeded 26 million unique users.
The publications will share the profit from subscription equally, even if one of them attracts more subscribers, said Jessica Lessin, editor-in-chief of The Information. After the end of the campaign Bloomberg and The Information will set the price and subscription terms for the next year individually for each publication.
Digiday and Business Insider also offer a bundle subscription for $3 per week for a monthly subscription.