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Ilya St
February 19 18:11

Michael Bloomberg 2020: billionaire will sell Bloomberg LP if elected president

How much is Michael Bloomberg worth? Around US$62.8 billion and all thanks to Bloomberg LP,  financial media agency. Now the company that made him rich will be sold if Mike Bloomberg, Democrat, wins a race against Republican President Donald Trump. 
Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and a presidential candidate for Democratic Party, pledged to sell his financial media agency if successful. It was confirmed by his campaign this Tuesday, February 18.

Since entering a Democratic nomination race, Bloomberg managed to gain popularity in a short time frame with opinion polls rising rapidly in his favour. He will participate in his first debates on Wednesday, February 19, in Las Vegas. Democratic nomination candidates are competing for an opportunity to run against current U.S. president Donald Trump who represents Republican Party. Election will commence on November 3.
Bloomberg, who is a New York ex-mayor, stated in the past that he intends to hand over his Bloomberg LP to a new owner.
"If elected president, Mike will sell the company," stated Galia Slayen, Bloomberg’s spokesperson.
Apart from news, Bloomberg LP offers financial insights and information to firms from Wall Street. Bloomberg LP was founded in 1981, it is a privately owned firm with Michael Bloomberg having a majority stake. Burton-Taylor International Consulting analysts believe that the company reached a revenue of US$10 billion last year.