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George Ma
February 19 10:19

Panasonic, Nokia, Airbus are developing a world standard for Wi-Fi in planes

Now it is technically difficult and expensive to provide Wi-Fi on board and a single standard should solve these problems, Bloomberg notes.
Seamless Air Alliance has announced the creation of a global Wi-Fi in air standard Seamless Release 1.0, which will provide uninterrupted Internet connection for passengers at a minimum cost. Thanks to the modular system with an open interface, carriers will be able to implement new technologies without configuring or completely replacing equipment, the statement said.
According to Bloomberg, the need for hardware and software installation, maintenance and the inability to easily switch between providers made Wi-Fi on board a "very expensive headache" for airlines.
Jack Mandela, CEO of Seamless Air Alliance, explained to Bloomberg that companies now use equipment that works with only one selected provider. New protocols will allow rapid implementation of technology and airlines will be able to easily change providers and save "billions of dollars", Bloomberg writes.
At the moment, Seamless Air Alliance includes about 30 companies - Panasonic, Nokia, Airbus, Virgin Atlantic and SoftBank. However, many major players - such as Boeing, Verizon or American Airlines are not yet cooperating with the organization. It's only a matter of time before the industry will be united around one standard that reduces carrier costs, Mandela said.