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John Wang
February 18 22:15

SumUp gives small businesses a shorter way to their cash

The SumUp Card hits Europe.
British fintech startup SumUp has launched its new product in partnership with MasterCard. The company has released a pre-paid card for consumers and small business owners.

The product is eloquently called “SumUp Card”. It will provide vendors with opportunity to quickly access money collected by SumUp. The usual transfers to other banks is no longer required. Holders also get a guarantee for next-day payouts 7 days a week, as well as lower FX rates.
The card is supposed to be especially helpful for small business owners, since a lot of them depend on a stable and accessible cash-flow. Shorter cycles for their incomes will make their work easier and their lives less stressful. It might also help them save more money and expand quicker. The SumUp Card is already accessible in Italy, France and the United Kingdom and is going to come to other countries this year. There are no upfront costs or fees.