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George Ma
February 18 09:19

Robots will assemble Xiaomi smartphones 60% faster than humans

Xiaomi is preparing a new generation of fully automated plants
At the yesterday's "Cloud Interview" press conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced first phase construction completion of an experimental automated smartphone assembly factory.
The factory is located in Yizhouan and according to the leader of Xiaomi "the degree of automation is very high". Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi is preparing a new generation of fully automated factories to assemble the company's products.
Lei Jun stated that the company created a special unit dedicated to automation of manufacturing  process a couple of years ago. The new automated plant is ready to be opened, but due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country these plans had to be changed.
"The epidemiological situation slows down the process, but our pilot project is very automated. The first phase of the production line in Yizhuang is completed, and we are building a fully automated next-generation plant," stated Lei Jun
Sources say the plant will use technologies such as automated production lines and 5G networks. This should significantly improve production efficiency. It will automatically produce 60 smartphones per minute, which is 60 percent more than in traditional plants. Xiaomi said in an official statement that the factory in Yizhouan is experimental. This means it is not yet ready for mass production of mobile phones.