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John Wang
February 17 21:10

AI from Hong Kong thinks up solutions for coronavirus

Generated compounds might help the development of a cure.
The startup from Hong Kong Insilico Medicine has opened its database of medical compounds to big pharmaceutical companies. This way they hope to quicken the development of cure for Covid-19.
Since its unexpected arrival in January, the disease has caused massive anxiety in consumers, who are looking for cure. They are being offered general vaccines, drugs against flu or HIV and even traditional medicine.Which drugs might help and which can make the situation worse - the public still does not know.
The work on the actually efficient and safe medicine can take months, even with additional funding. Meanwhile the number of infected and dead keeps rising.
AI developers from Insilico Medicine have generated several hundred compounds of the same complexity and quality as the work of professional chemist, which will take much longer. Some of the compounds are completely new. Now the company has published their molecular structure on its website, urging the corporations to use the results in their work.