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George Ma
February 15 13:30

Google has been ordered by court to disclose negative review author's identity

A dentist who got the review says he lost money 
Google was required through a court order to disclose the identity of the author of the negative review of the Australian dentist. The doctor said he lost thousands of dollars because of the commentator, and therefore wants to sue him.
A dentist in Melbourne found a negative review from an anonymous user on Google. It said the doctor's treatment was "extremely embarrassing and inconvenient," and the procedure was "a waste of time".
First, the dentist himself went to Google and demanded the company to remove the review. Google, of course, refused. A little later, the doctor went to the judge, and he satisfied his demand. Now the man has the right to obtain from Google all information about the author of the review, including his name, IP-address, phone numbers and other data. Also, the company was required to provide information about all users who acted from the specified IP-address at the same time as the publication of the comment.