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John Wang
February 14 19:36

Instagram is bringing back the reversed feed

Most recent posts are back in one place.
Instagram is reportedly testing its new type of feed. The platform might soon introduce the “Most Recent Posts” feature. 
The design is similar to the old feed of posts in reverse chronological order, which has been abandoned in 2016. A researcher has managed to take a peek at the function by extracting some of the open code. If the user chooses the feature, they will be redirected to a separate screen with the assembly of the latest posts.
The update is primarily aimed at those, who do not want to miss out on any recent developments in their subscriptions. It does not function quite the same as Facebook’s “Most Recent” feature for the news feed.
Instagram has not yet confirmed or denied the development of the feature. Lately the platform has been testing and rolling out a package of new features and updates. The activity can, at least in part, be explained by the desire to hold on to the user base in the time of TikTok’s rise.