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George Ma
February 14 14:54

US temporarily blocked Microsoft's $10 billion military contract at Amazon's request

Microsoft won the competition to create a cloud storage infrastructure for the US Department of Defense in the fall of 2019.
A court in the U.S. temporarily blocked Microsoft's $10 billion contract to build a cloud storage infrastructure for the U.S. Department of Defense at the request of Amazon, reports CNBC. The exact timing of the suspension of the contract is not specified.
Amazon and the Defense Ministry have not commented on the court's decision. Microsoft said they were upset about the forced delay, but are confident that in the end the court will take the company's side.
Microsoft got the contract in October 2019, having managed to bypass Amazon, IBM and Oracle. In January 2020, Amazon asked the court to suspend the contract. The company insists that in selecting the winner, the military department took into account the opinion of U.S. President Donald Trump, who often criticized Amazon and the head of the company Jeff Bezos.