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John Wang
February 13 18:32

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition unveiled

Thom Browne fashion brand has released its own version of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The collaboration has resulted in the foldable model for sympathisers of the classical American style.
The changes to the basic model are, obviously, cosmetic. The case has been turned grey and has acquired a Thom Browne logo. The apps icons, lettering, screen’s brightness and general colour schemes have also been adjusted to fit the aesthetic. One more interesting addition was made to the sound - typing on the touchpad now produces the vintage typewriter noises.
Meanwhile the first reviews for the Samsung’s new model are in. They are mostly positive. Users like the agile screen and performance, no noticeable malfunctions have been reported. Evidently, the manufacturer has learned from its previous experience in foldable smartphones and is getting ready to bring back the old way to flip your device.
Phone will cost a whooping US$2,480.