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George Ma
February 13 09:00

Nissan sues ex-head of the company, Carlos Ghosn, accused of financial crimes, for $90 million

The company claims damages caused by Gong.
Japanese carmaker Nissan has filed a civil lawsuit demanding 10 billion Japanese yen (US$90 million) from Carlos Ghosn, former head of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi automotive alliance, according to the company's website.

The lawsuit was filed to claim a significant portion of financial damages caused by years of fraud and crimes of Ghosn, the company explained.
The amount of damages is calculated based data on expenses incurred in Nissan through the fault of the former CEO. These include the use of properties abroad without paying rent, private flights on corporate jets, payments to the sister and personal lawyer of the head of Nissan in Lebanon, expenses for internal investigations within the company, legal services and compliance with regulatory requirements in Japan, the United States and the Netherlands.
Nissan does not rule out that the amount of claims will increase due to fines that the company had to pay to the Financial Services Agency of Japan and fines that the carmaker may still pay for the Ghosn prosecution.
Ghosn was charged with violating financial laws in Japan and placed on house arrest in November last year. In a press release, Nissan said that the former CEO underestimated his own annual salary and misused company funds. In 2019, Ghosn was released on bail of 1 billion yen ($8.9 million) on the condition that he will not leave Japan.
In December 2019, Ghosn fled to Lebanon in a box for a Yamaha music speaker. The ex-head of the automobile alliance did not admit his guilt, stating he fled from "injustice and political persecution".