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John Wang
February 13 12:11

Hyundai will create its own EV platform with Canoo

The skateboard-based electric cars are coming.
Hyundai has announced its partnership with the American startup Canoo. Together the companies will develop new EV platform.
Hyundai is going all in on electric vehicle market. The partnership is a part of its US$87 billion modernization program, that is supposed to speed up the creation of new technologies. Earlier Hyundai has disclosed its plans to invest US$110 million in British startup Arrival for the same purposes.
Canoo will provide its designs and engineering expertise for the partnership. The platform will be partially based on their IP and is supposed to serve Hyundai and Kia EVs, as well as so-called “special purpose vehicles”. One of the prominent example of the later type is Hyundai PBV, which was demonstrated to the public at CES.The pod-shaped car are capable of serving as various types of transportations for specific industries like hospitals or restaurants. Toyota is pursuing the same ideas in its strategy for modernization. 
The design of Canoo’s prototype SUV is based on skateboard-like foundation, powered by batteries. Hyundai is planning in using this idea to create more efficient and adaptable models.