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Felicia Tan
February 11 13:42

Google planned to buy a stake in a wind farm in Africa, but declined the deal because amid the project freeze

The largest wind farm in Africa, with a capacity of 310 MW, was under construction on Lake Turkana (Rudolph) in Kenya. Google was to buy a stake in the project from Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas as soon as the construction was completed.
According to the latest data from Reuters citing Vestas, Google has terminated the earlier agreement and refused to buy the 12.5% stake in the project. The cause of this decision was the postponement of delivery of the object. 
However, Recharge reported that the construction was completed back in 2017, the problem was in the commissioning of the power plant. This could not be done until October 2018. The reason for this delay is cited as both financial difficulties of the contractor and disputes with the owners of the land on which the power lines were to run.
Vestas spokesman Anders Reece said that the power plant is currently operating successfully, providing electricity to Kenyans, and the company is looking for a new purchaser as it does not plan to own a stake in the facility for a long period of time. No comments on this issue were received from Google.