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George Ma
February 10 09:00

Scientists predicted how long it would take to create a coronavirus vaccine

The vaccine may not be available during the current epidemic.
The outbreak of coronavirus epidemic in China continues to gain momentum. It is known that at the moment the number of deaths from the new type of pneumonia has reached 811, while a total of 37,100 people are infected. As a result, scientists have predicted how long it will take to develop and create a vaccine from 2019-nCoV.
Thus, according to Elizabeth McGraw, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and head of the Center for Infectious Dynamics, it may take longer to develop a new vaccine than the current epidemic. However, she noted that it would benefit subsequent outbreaks. "It is unlikely that the vaccine will be available during the current outbreak, as its development will probably take several years at best, but it will be useful to have it ready for future outbreaks," McGraw said.
In addition, the expert also noted that despite the absence of coronavirus vaccine, a vaccine against SARS may be an analogue. Thus, she said, it would be able to counteract coronavirus.