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George Ma
February 7 09:36

SpaceX plans to make Starlink as a separate company and run an IPO.

There are no specific dates yet - the Starlink plan is at an early stage of consideration, the company said.
SpaceX hopes to make its global satellite project Starlink in a separate company and run an IPO, said Bloomberg, citing the operating director of SpaceX Gwynn Shotwell.
Shotwell stated plans on February 6 during meetup with private investors, Bloomberg writes. "Right now, we are a private company, but Starlink is the right kind of business that we can go ahead and take public," said Shotwell.
There are no specific dates, writes TechCrunch. The plan for Starlink public offering launch is at an early stage of consideration.
Starlink is sending satellites into orbit to give access to high-speed internet throughout the planet, including remote regions. By 2024, SpaceX wants 12,000 satellites to be on the orbit. At the moment, there are 240 Starlink satellites, which is more than half of required (360 pieces) for minimum coverage.
In 2020, Space X plans 24 launches out of 60 satellites. By the end of this year, the company will be able to begin providing internet services.