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John Wang
February 6 18:41

SpaceX will let everyone send their cargo to space for US$1 million

Resdesharing to the orbit launches this summer.
SpaceX is launching its own ridesharing platform. The feature is quite unique - instead of sharing a ride home, clients can book a place on the rocket.
The tool is aimed primarily at the companies. that need to deliver the cargo to space, but do not need to build their own infrastructure. The order is fully customizable. The client can specify the volume of cargo starting at 200 kg - each additional kilogramm costs US$5. They can also select specific route - polar orbit, low Earth orbit or Sun synchronous. 
Clients will also be able to choose the specific rocket that they want to use. The first rides start in June 2020. The cost of one order starts at US$1 million with a US$5 000 deposit. 
SpaceX also provides additional features like ports and separation systems. Overall, the customer can deck out their order for up to US$2 million of additional features. The only limitations by International Traffic in Arms norms.