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John Wang
February 7 15:44

Huawei is suing Verizon

Huawei is suing Verizon communication. Chinese telecom company is accusing the American conglomerate of patent infringement. 
Huawei has stated, that Verizon has used the technologies, that are included in 12 separate patents. The infringements include video comms and network security.The representatives of the companies have met to discuss the issue last February. However, they did not manage to find compromise.
Huawei takes pride in its original technologies. According to the official company statement, 10-15% of all the revenue goes to the R&D department. That amounts to about US$70 billion in the last ten years. The company has acquired over 80 000 patents all over the world. 
Huawei has stated, that many other companies use their tech, and that Verizon has profited from their IPs. The Chinese giant does not mind sharing its IP with other companies, even if they are in direct competition. Licensing is bringing it over US$1.4 billion every year. However, in Verizon’s case, the talks have hit the roadblock and now Huawei is reluctantly taking legal action.
Verizon did not yet comment on the issue.