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Startups, business, technology is Asia's largest platform for entrepreneurs and highly qualified specialists of small, medium and large companies. Students and advanced students also read us from all over the world.
Every day, i.e. without a weekend, we publish key news, opinions, reviews and analysts. Both editorial staff and platform users write materials. You can also share your experience and tell us about yourself or your project.
On the site there are services on job search and tracking of professional events, lectures and webinars. We constantly develop communication tools that will make it easier for you to find new colleagues, partners, investors and just friends in your professional interests.

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The site consists of streams on whose behalf materials are published. You can manage your own tape and unsubscribe from those streams that you are not interested in.
For example, if you are only interested in marketing or development, you can make your ribbon consist solely of the materials of these streams. A separate type of streams are official blogs of companies, to which you can also subscribe and communicate directly with brand representatives.

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Rubbing is a stick in the wheels of constructive discussions. We are here to learn and develop, so there are rules on the site, for violation of which we reserve the right to block your account.