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John Wang
March 25 22:26

Tencet launches videoconferences for 300 people

VooV Meeting brings the office online.
Tencent has launched VooV Meeting -  the global videoconferencing service. The new version of Tencent Meeting, has started working in over 100 countries: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, United States etc.
The service comes online while the coronavirus epidemic makes the work from home necessary all over the world. VooV Meeting is tailored for large-scale conferences - it can support up to 300 calls in one conference simultaneously. It also supports online document editing, as well as screen sharing. The service is also free. Tencent is aiming to expand the service across the world, adapting it according to the local regulations.
The lockdowns introduced by the authorities have caused a big surge in demand for remote communication. Students and workers have switched to digital tools. The growing pressure has led to significant malfunctions: for example, Tencent Meeting and DingTalk services have experienced server crashes.